Sunlight on water

I knew I’d not be posting much over the summer holidays, but I didn’t plan to disappear so suddenly;  I even had a couple of posts half written. But then one weekend morning, after looking at my phone for a bit – probably twitter, or the news, or texting a friend – I realised that my vision was a little – odd. Off to one side, low down, not exactly out of focus, not blurred or blacked out, just distorted.


IMG_4405 (987x1024)

I lay in bed, looking at my vision, staring at the area, closing one eye then another. It seemed to be on the left side and left eye, but even when that one was closed I could see the distortion in my right eye’s field of view. It was as if I was looking through shifting lights, like watching sunlight dancing on moving water and then when you look away the rippling lights are still there over what should be solid.

I knew enough to suspect a migraine and even though my head felt fine I took a pre-emptive painkiller and waited for half an hour as the shimmering lights moved up and over all I could see, fortunately never covering more than a quarter of my vision at a time. And when they had finally passed? Then the searing nauseous headache and nothing for it but to lie in a darkened room for three hours and to wince at bright lights for the next few days.

IMG_4283 (1024x433)

I didn’t panic too much. I knew I was overdue an eye test and that my reading glasses were no longer strong enough. I maybe look at my phone too often, and at this laptop. Dr J pointed out that the weather at that time was very oppressive and muggy. Many possible reasons.  I’ve had a doctor’s appointment and am awaiting test results but I delayed writing this, partly because it seems like tempting fate – as soon as I say it was a one off a month ago, number two will come along.

But there it is, an unexpected reason for not blogging and for being absent on twitter. It may have done me some good to have a break – although nothing can shield one from the horror of global news lately. I haven’t read much either, in case that strained my eyes further; thank goodness for audio books and radio 4 and 4 extra dramas and comedy. I apologise if anyone has missed me, or if anyone is sorry to see me return. The end of the holidays approach and I hope to return to full reading, writing and blogging – health permitting. In the meantime, as these recent pictures of sunlight on water show, it hasn’t been a totally lost summer and maybe a little break from electronic light will benefit more than just my eyes.

IMG_4282 (1024x768)



6 thoughts on “Sunlight on water

  1. Glad you’re back! Maybe switch from writing to oil painting if the eyesight really is on the _blink_? …worked for Turner.

    Seriously though – as a *true writer* you now officially have no idea what happens to your words after you publish them, or the simple joy you spread in the world. 🙂 Actually, I think you do have an inkling…


    1. Thank you for the welcome back, and the very kind words – given the current state of the World, simple joy is sometimes hard to find; I couldn’t ask for much more than to be adding to that.
      If I tried painting however….that would inspires nothing but horror 🙂


    1. Thank you for the recommendation; I’m waiting to see my GP again to talk about tests and so on and what medication could be best. I know from talking to other long term suffers that getting the vision disturbance warning can be a lucky thing if you have the right tablets to hand.


      1. …More of a Zomig guy myself (Zolmitriptan), although I have a friend swears by Naramig (which has fewer side effects): for me a sore nose (!), although for others I’ve known is more like Darth Vader round your throat. When I first took my list of symptoms to my GP, thinking it was at least an inoperable brain tumour, was quite relieved to discover ‘migraine’ was _all_ it was…


  2. It’s pretty terrifying isn’t it? My short term memory went very suddenly earlier this year and I imagined all sorts of reasons – alas age and hormones are the culprits. Thanks for more drug recommendations – and the possibility of Star Wars impressions!


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