Love must conquer hate and fear

Three weeks ago I hadn’t the heart to post a planned blog in the face of the news about the Orlando shooting and then the murder of British MP, Jo Cox. I was already heart sick this week after the so called Islamic State carried out its deadliest single attack anywhere in the world in Baghdad.

And now in less than 48 hours two black men in separate incidents have been shot dead at point blank range by police officers in the United States.

Their deaths don’t have the unbelievable shock of a gun death in the UK, but they should have. This should be astonishing and everyone should be calling it an outrage and demanding justice.  This isn’t happening partly because it has happened before, but mostly because of the colour of the dead men’s skin.

Alton Sterling.

Philando Castile.

Five children whose fathers will never come home.

Black Lives Matter.

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